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From a person going through normal everyday life, I know how frustrating it can seem that EVERY organization is asking for monetary donations. In the non-profit world, I also know that there are many organizations that don't use the money for the right reasons (I know, even worse right?). The Humane Society of the United States, for example, uses only 1% of the money for helping local shelters and 52% is used only to raise more money for the organization. While these statistics may not mean much now, $15.5 MILLION is stashed in their pension program. Can you imagine how amazing your own community could be if that money was donated locally?

I know the frustration of people asking me for donations. However, I choose to donate to the ones that truly use the money for what they say they do. NOT for ridiculous salaries and pensions to their executives. In the animal advocacy and rescue world, a special passion is necessary to help the animals because they can't speak for themselves. You have to be selfless in this business. At Golden Gate Rescue Center, there are no salaries and no pensions. The pay we get for this work is the feeling of unconditional love and gratitude. These animals know that we saved them and turned theirs lives around.

When we ask for donations, it is because we have an animal with a long life ahead of them. It is because we have a responsibility to treat an animal that CAN and WILL be helped. Sure, we understand that not every animal can be saved and unfortunately we have to make those difficult decisions. These animals become part of a special family. We love them like our own. However, this is a community effort to save lives and two people can't do it alone. If you consider helping an organization, choose your community and someone you know. We will be glad to show you vet bills, what your donations go to, and who we are.

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