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Our Founders


Katie (pictured top) has an immense passion for animals that ignited at a young age. Growing up around large breed dogs has increased her overall knowledge of them and has created a special place in her heart for large four-legged lap dogs. 


She has completed dog training classes that prove useful in helping some of the most vulnerable dogs.


Katie also has experience in anxious and fearful dogs, providing them with the confidence they need to find loving, permanent homes.

Her devotion to animals and the rescue world continues her drive in providing second chances, love, and outstanding care to the ones who need it most.


Mallory (pictured bottom) grew up on a dairy farm, constantly learning and practicing proper care and interactions with a variety of animals.


She has special experience with German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers. She also has newborn puppy experience, making her very useful in the event we take abandoned puppies into our care.

Mallory has extensive training in human to animal interaction, administering medications to animals safely, and diffusing escalated situations.

She caters to animals on an individual basis and she leaves a sentimental stamp on the dogs she encounters and nurtures.

Their combined teamwork, education, devotion, and individual experience makes them unstoppable on their journey to save lives and make a difference.

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